Exhibition Sent to the North in Brno

You will have the opportunity to see the exhibition Send to the North in Jiří Mahen Library in Brno from March 3 until March 28.

The exhibition describes until now quite unknown destinies of about 1.500 Czech men who unvoluntarily ended up in Norway during the Second World War, where they had to participate on building fortification, railways, roads and other facilities for Nazi occupants.

After the war, the forced labourers started to meet, led by a strong sense of belonging together due to this uncommon experience from the far North. They became to call themselves „Noráci“.

Admission free

Exhibition’s gala with a guided tour will take place on March 10, at 5 pm.

For more info, visit the official web page of the project realised by the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague.

Picture – source: noraci.cz