End of School Year with the Little Reindeer

Lions, giraffes, zebras and antelopes… You might be familiar with them, but do you know what the life of wild reindeers within the Arctic Circle looks like?

Come to learn more about them and join us at the Čertova Rokle Amphitheatre during an evening full of outdoor activities and games for kids. The evening will be ended with a movie screening. You can look forward to a family adventure film Ailo’s Journey – The Amazing Odyssey of a Newborn Reindeer (directed by Guillaume Maidatchevsky, 2018).

Follow the incredible odyssey of a new-born reindeer in Lapland. Throughout this one-year-long migration over hundreds of miles in the frozen immensity of the taiga, through the forests imprisoned in ice, from the majestic fjords to the high summits, Ailo will cross paths with foxes, lemmings, lynxes, eagles, wolverines, bears, wolves, squirrels, elks and even ermines… Both friends and enemies. Relying on his mother’s help to escape from the many predators and dangers, little Ailo will learn to survive and become an adult reindeer.

The activities for children begin at 19.00, the film screening starts at 21.30.

The Scandinavian House in cooperation with the Majdalenky Association, who is the organizer of regular summer screenings in Čertova Rokle Amphitheatre, and the Sobík Association cordially invites you to celebrate the end of school year together.

In Czech

Movie: 60 CZK
The entrance fee for other activities is voluntary.

In case of bad weather, the event will be cancelled.
More information on the Facebook page of Čertova Rokle Amphitheatre (CZ): www.facebook.com/AmfiteatrCertovaRokle

The event is organized with the financial support of statutory town Brno.