Echoes of the Expeditions of Northerners Festival

The Northerners have always been famous for their desire to explore places nobody has ever been to, try to conquer both the North and South Pole, sail across the oceans and make fearless expeditions which were by many people unjustly seen as failure in advance. The echoes of the Expeditions of Northerners Festival organised by the Scandinavian House Brno branch offers overview of film and literary adaptations of the most famous stories.

The audience will set out with Thor Heyerdahl in a modern adaptation Kon-Tiki on a wooden raft across the Pacific ocean; they will immerse themselves in the Fridtjof Nansen’s diaries from his journey on the ship Fram to the North Pole. They will also learn about the life of a Norwegian conqueror of the South Pole in the documentary Frozen Heart, which includes practically unknown archive material. Zdeněk Lyčka will give a lecture on the explorer, anthropologist and writer Knud Rasmussen and his travels across Greenland.


18. 10. 18:30 Lecture: Knud Rasmussen’s arctic expeditions  (Moravian Library)
19. 10. 18:30 Film: Kon-Tiki (Cinema Café Scala)
20. 10. 18:30 Combined programme:  To the North Pole – reading from Nansen’s diaries, 20:30 Film: Frozen Heart (Cinema Café Scala)

Film screenings are held in original language with Czech subtitles.
The lecture and the scenic reading are held in Czech.

Admission: voluntary (lecture), 50/40 CZK (Cinema Café Scala, discounted price for the members of the Scandinavian House)

The festival is taking place in cooperation with the University Cinema Scala and the Moravian Library. The literary events are held as part of the literary campaign #ReadNordic. The festival has been supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and Brno City Hall and is organized in cooperation with the Norwegian Embassy in Prague, Norwegian Film Institute, production company Motlys and the National Library of Norway.