Eat&Read Swedish Brunch

What is fika, how much coffee is drunk in Sweden every year and can pancakes be baked?

The Scandinavian House Brno together with the Partnership Foundation Open Garden invite you to a unique culinary and literary experience where we will not only answer these questions, but also give you a taste of several Swedish specialties.

During the brunch, visitors will taste typical Swedish dishes and listen to what Swedish authors write about food. There will be no shortage of excitement, as we will also be reading from the book The North – a thriller set in a culinary environment by authors Katarina Ekstedt and Anna Winberg Sääf.

Kristina Lund (a.k.a. Děvče u ploutny), author of Fika, the Sweet Swedish Cookbook, will tell you about the food.

Excerpts from books by Swedish authors will be read by Kateřina Jebavá.

Entrance fee: 250 CZK (200 CZK for Scandinavian House members); payment in advance

Source: Děvče u plotny via

Organized by the Scandinavian House Brno in cooperation with the Partnership Foundation Open Garden with financial support from the Statutory City of Brno and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.

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