Discussion: The spy that was too late – the Czechoslovak secret service in Norway

Norwegian journalist and writer Terje B. Englund is a specialist about Eastern and Central Europe: especially about the Czech Republic, where he has been living and studying Czech for the past 25 years.

His last publication has been mapping the Czechoslovak secret service and its missions in Norway from February 1948 until the fall of communism in 1989. The extent of the whole book, though, is much wider, as it also deals with the broader context of Norwegian-Czechoslovak relations in the 20th century. Its author uses archival materials and evidence from the first-hand witnesses and depicts some of the real real stories and fates of various historical figures, such as Milada Horáková or Karel Kryl. Precious not only for the detailed descriptions about secret service activities in Czechoslovakia and Norway, the whole book has a lot to introduce the interested reader to.

Beside the author, Petr Blažek from the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes, Radek Schovánek, a historian specialised in totalitarian regimes and the translator of the book, Zuzana Hlavičková, will be present. Moderated by Denisa Novotná.

In Czech.
Free admission.

The discussion is organised by the publishing house PROSTOR, the Scandinavian House in Prague and the Václav Havel library.