Books from the Country of Geysers and Volcanoes: Icelandic Literature (not only) in the Czech Translations

Is it true that almost every Icelander has published a book? What have been the main topics in the Icelandic literature since the WWII and what the Icelanders write about right now? Is Icelandic literature popular in the Czech Republic? And what is it like to translate from a language that has so many speakers as there are inhabitants in Brno?

We cordially invite you in the main theatre hall of Divadlo Husa na provázku to a discussion about Icelandic literature and its translations into Czech. The quest will be one of the most prominent Czech translators from Modern Icelandic Marta Bartošková, who will talk about the main topics in modern Icelandic literature, about the most interesting books published during the last few years in Czech and about her life of a professional translator from one of the most exotic European languages.

Moderated by Jan-Marek Šík. Excerpts will be read by Kateřina Jebavá.

In Czech.
Admission free

The event will be held in cooperation with Authors’ Reading Month that has got Iceland as its quest of honour.

The event is financially supported by the Brno Municipality and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.