Anna Eriksson: M

Finnish movie director Anna Eriksson will be in Prague this week for screening of her first feature film “M”!

M is an experimental art movie that explores the relationship between sexuality and death. Recently, M won Best Feature Film and Best Cinematography awards in Vienna Independent Film Festival.

Furthermore, it is Anna Eriksson’s debut to silver screen as director, screenwriter and lead actress.

Before she started her career as a movie director, Ms. Eriksson was a highly successful singer and songwriter in Finland.

The screening of the movie will be held on August 8th at 7 PM, in Kino Pilotů. After the movie, Ms. Eriksson will be present for a Q&A session with the audience.

Screening is part of Prague Independent Film Festival, which will also host two short films’ from Finnish directors. Jesse Haaja’s “Perfect Fit” will be screened on August 7th at 3 PM and Henna Välkky’s & Eesu Lehtola’s “We are in a Dream” at 5 PM.

Watch the trailer here:

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