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Nordic literary salon online: Folk-tales and fairy tales from the Faroe Islands

The Christmas edition of our Nordic literary salon will be focused on folk-talas and fairy tales from a very special place: the Faroe Islands! For the first time, an anthology of tales from the Faroe Islands has been published in … Read More

The celebration of 100 years of Iceland’s self-government

On the 1st of December 1918, Iceland was proclaimed independent, even though still in a loose union with Denmark. This jubilee will be commemorated by a small celebration with rich programme: Iceland in the old photographs (Slideshow) Lucie Korecká: How … Read More

What can you look forward to in autumn?

Even though we are all taking a break and heading north during the summer, preparations for cultural events in autumn have already begun. What can you look forward to? Keep reading. The Nordic Days festival is always the highlight of … Read More