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If the sadness could smoulder… The occupation of Czechoslovakia as seen by the Finnish poet Eva-Liise Manner

Anxiety, hopelessness, the arrival of barbarians, the smell of gun smoke. The Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in August 1968 shocked the whole world and was recalled even in foreign literature. Eva-Liise Manner, a famous Finnish modernist poet, has expressed her … Read More

The celebration of 100 years of Iceland’s self-government

On the 1st of December 1918, Iceland was proclaimed independent, even though still in a loose union with Denmark. This jubilee will be commemorated by a small celebration with rich programme: Iceland in the old photographs (Slideshow) Lucie Korecká: How … Read More

Who is afraid of Strindberg? Theatre evening with Miss Julie

In the frame of a project titled Nordic Theatre Evenings The Scandinavian House and the U stolu Theatre present a supporting event for the play Miss Julie, the most famous drama by August Strindberg (Fröken Julie, 1888). Before the performance, … Read More

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